Club Run March 2019

We all gathered at Bunnings carpark in Nerang for the start of our annual combined run with MOCA.

It was great to welcome our new club members, Wolfy, Tracy and Brad for their first run with our, now their, club.

Darrel and Carol brought along their new acquisition, the Mustang Bullitt.

Trying to dodge the showers, we all jumped into our steads for the drive to Hinze Dam and to meet up with the MOCA members.

All was going well until we were greeted by a member of another car club who had reserved two out of the three tables for his club (that didn’t turn up until we were leaving). But, some of our members talked him in to releasing one of the tables and some of the shelter as it kept on raining and everyone else huddled under the other two shelters, so it all turned out okay. It was only the raffle ticket sellers that got wet.

It was great meeting up with the MOCA members with the talking getting around to the forthcoming trek across to the US for the Mustangs 55th anniversary and reminiscing about the previous US treks. Of course, this chatter didn’t stop our intrepid raffle ticket sellers, Di and Pam, from selling $375 worth of tickets. Wow, go girls!!!!!! Then it was time to head off to Beenleigh Historical Village and the Tin Cup Café for lunch and the Memorial Service.

Then it was time to head off to Beenleigh Hisorical Village and the Tin Cup Café for lunch and the memorial ceremony.

With so many vehicles it was hard to keep track of everyone, with some following the given directions, some going straight up the highway and others going some other way. All very interesting. Anyway, we all arrived at the one place.

The Tin Cup Café used to be the old railway station at Beenleigh and thankfully was just big enough with the 110 club members descending on it. The meals were really first class as the café wasn’t used to so many people arriving at the same time and they coped extremely well. There were three different meals served, Lasagna and salad, Chicken and salad and Fish & Chips, followed by a bottomless cup of tea or coffee.
As this is our combined annual memorial run, our chaplain Lyn Dunn held a wonderful service for our “passed” members.
It appeared from the smiles all round that all members really enjoyed this run.
Our thanks must also go to Adell and Peter for liaising with MOCA for such a successful run, once again.

Di & Pete M

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