Welcome to our Club

For Our New Members – Welcome to your Club.

The Pony Car Club of Australia Inc was started in October 2005 with a membership of 25. By December 2005 that membership had grown to 52 and within 12 months we had over 100 members. From then on our Club continued to grow until it reached a membership of 305 in 2008.

Why is our Club so popular?

  • Quite simple to answer, because we only expect members to devote one day a month to having fun and enjoyment with other like minded people.
  • To be a member there is a small fee to $15.00 per year, after your first year of $20.00.
  • Our Club guarantees that if you take advantage of club discounted runs you will receive your membership fee or more in return throughout the Club year.

What could be better?

Our Club also offers a free letter for our members that will enable them to take advantage of Club (SIV’s) Registration if their vehicle/s were manufactured 30 or more years ago. On a V8 vehicle this rego saving could be as much as $600.00 a year.

If you like fun and friendship then this is the Social Car Club for YOU!

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